American Airlines launches basic economy fare

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American Airlines launches basic economy fare

American Airlines will launch a basic economy fare that offers the lowest Main Cabin fare but has some restrictions.

In late February, American Airlines will start selling a Basic Economy fare (similar to United's Basic Economy offering) that provides passengers with the lowest Main Cabin fare along with some restrictions:


  • 1 item that fits under the seat (no access to overhead bins)*
  • Seats assigned at check-in
  • Fees to choose a specific seat
  • Not eligible for upgrades
  • No flight changes or refunds
  • Board in last group*

Baggage Restrictions
Each person can board with 1 item such as a purse or small handbag that fits under the seat. You won't have access to overhead bins. All other items must be checked at ticket counters. If you take them to the gate you'll pay an extra $25 gate service fee per item plus the applicable bag fee.

Under the seat items can't be larger than:
18 x 14 x 8 inches
45 x 35 x 20 cm

Seat Restrictions
You can choose a specific seat within 48 hours of departure, but a fee will apply. Otherwise, seats will be automatically assigned for free when you check in.

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