Explore Europe with Princess

December 08, 2021

From ancient civilizations and famous philosophers to mythical vikings and the Northern Lights, explore the legendary lands of Europe on a cruise. Sail with Princess to visit multiple countries and only unpack once. Enjoy easy exploration of landmarks, history, architecture, art and natural wonders. Whether you want to savor Mediterranean culture and cuisine, see unique architecture in Scandinavia & Russia, or take in Norway’s natural splendors — you’ll enjoy world-class experiences both on board and on land.


Begin an unforgettable Mediterranean vacation in Athens where the Acropolis keeps watch over the modern city. Sail to Santorini to stroll through white-washed villages, explore a black sand beach and tour unique vineyards that have produced wine since 1700 B.C. In Montenegro, explore Europe’s southernmost fjord and wander through a medieval town lined with old palaces and 12th-century churches. Visit Pompeii’s ruins and savor hand-thrown pizza in Naples. See Sicily’s active volcano, Mt. Etna, or go shopping in the ancient resort town of Taormina. And see Barcelona’s gems such as the Gothic Quarter and La Sagrada Familia church on a guided city tour.

Or, travel where legendary tales come alive on a cruise to Scandinavia & Russia. Explore Baltic heritage with an overnight visit to St. Petersburg, where you can visit the Catherine Palace or the Hermitage Museum and live like 18th-century royalty. Walk Tallinn’s cobbled streets and admire the preserved medieval architecture from its 13th-century origins. In Copenhagen, see the fabled statue of Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid and eat local delicacies at Tivoli Gardens. Then, sail the sparkling waterways of Stockholm’s 14 islands before visiting Sweden’s heritage museums featuring everything from ABBA to vikings.

If you’re looking for some extra adventure, head to the Land of the Midnight Sun on a cruise along Norway’s western coast. Enjoy a frosty cocktail in an ice bar and stroll through the colorful town of Bergen, known as the “Gateway to the Fjords.” Navigate through Geiranger’s winding waterways to Seven Sisters Waterfall where currents rush 800 feet down the rugged cliffside. See grand cathedrals, charming wood houses and a salmon fishing village in Trondheim. And journey above the Arctic Circle to Tromsø, one of the world’s most spectacular viewing points to see the colorful Northern Lights dance across the night sky.

Wherever you sail in Europe with Princess, adventure is not far behind!