Reasons to use a Travel Agent

January 19, 2015

Nothing can beat the value of personalised care and service that you receive from your travel agent. And don't just take our word for it - this recent article from The Huffington Post states why more and more people are returning to traditional travel agents. Of course, we wholeheartedly agree that this is a smart move. You're reading this blog, so you're likely aware of the many tricks your travel agent has up their sleeve to get you the best value - and often the cheapest - deal possible.

Aside from the usual tips (book trips in advance, choose the right day of the week, etc.), there's one secret weapon to nearly always ensuring a good deal: using a travel agent.



Here are our reasons why you should book through an agent for your next big vacation.

1. They save you money.
Even for budget travellers, working with a travel agent to plan your next trip can save you money. Agents have access to great rates, upgrades and extras to enhance your trip and increase your savings. Travel agents have experience - they know when a price is actually at its lowest and can suggest other methods or modes of transport to get you to your destination. An automated website can't do this for you!

2. They've got better connections than the Internet.
Travel agents have resources and connections that the Internet does not. Access to discounted air, hotels and extras such as resort credit and free breakfast can really make the difference from a great trip to an unforgettable one. Travel Agents are better placed to score you an upgrade at a better price.

3. They've got the most "pull" with hotels.
A hotel can tell you (a private customer) 'no' without a problem. But if they are dealing with an agent they have a bigger incentive to turn that 'no' to a 'yes' to ensure repeat bookings.

4. They save you time.
If you're going to Disney World, taking a corporate trip, or planning a romantic vacation, it's best to let travel agents do the work for you. They'll research the best deals, find coupons for going out to eat and try their best to upgrade your hotel room to make it the best experience possible. Think of the time you're saving... researching alone would take days. Of course, many travellers know what they are looking for long before they speak to a travel agent. Great! Your travel agent is there to work with you; let them know the things you want to create your dream vacation.

5. Make the most of your trip.
With a passion for travel, your agent has likely been to the destination you want to visit and has insider knowledge on where to stay and what to see so that you don't miss out. An agent can help you plan honeymoons, babymoons, family reunions, birthdays and anniversaries to ensure the special occasion is truly memorable.

6. They'll rebook a flight for you.
If your flight gets cancelled unexpectedly, or you're really, really unhappy with your rental car - never fear, your travel agent is here! Travel Agents are a great safety net for you to have and can sometimes get extra help regarding cancelled tickets that you, acting alone, could not.

7. They can help with challenging locations and complex itineraries.
A travel agent comes into their own when you are planning a trip to a remote or exotic location that’s off the beaten path.Your travel agent has the expertise to get you to the most adventurous bucket-list location and to make that once in a lifetime moment happen for you.