Travelling With Kids: Be Prepared

May 13, 2014

These are the trials every parent faces when going away on a trip with their children.  To help you prepare we have come up with some tips for these trips so that you’ll have more time for memories and less time for worrying.

Proper Documentations
It’s important when traveling with your kids that they have proper documentations. Ensure they have a passport, consent letter for when traveling with one parent, and supporting identification papers such as a birth certificate. If you are traveling internationally then always check foreign laws to see if they will require additional documentations.

Packing for a Long Flight
You can’t always predict how children will behave on a long flight but you can always be prepared by bringing along items that will keep them occupied.  Try bringing a few toys or some books for when they start becoming agitated. Even better if you brought something they have not played with or read before which will capture their attention for a longer period of time. If you have a tablet or a smart phone, preload it with movies and apps that will keep your kids entertained. If all else fails, there is always the in-flight entertainment system that will generally have programming for children.

Preparing for Security Screening
When going through the security screening area of the airport, know ahead of time what you can and can’t bring in regards to food and toys for your children. Don’t pack toys in the shape of weapons as it could be mistaken for the real deal. If you are traveling with an infant (under 24 months) you are permitted to bring milk in quantities greater than 100ml. Just keep in mind that gel and ice packs are restricted so you will need to find other ways of keeping the milk cool. Research for other restrictions and rules at your local airport as well as the international one you are planning to fly to.

Plan for Downtime
As much as you want to pack in everyday with activities and fun times, it’s always good to add in some downtime. This will give you a time to relax and not have to worry every minute about where to go and what your kids are doing. Plan some time going to a park or just relaxing by the pool. Your kids will have a place to play on their own and you will get a moment to breath and move away from the crowds.

Every trip is an adventure and anything could happen therefore it’s always recommended to do your research. Learn about where you’re going and what you might need, you can’t prevent everything but at least you can be prepared for when it happens. Enjoy happy travels with lasting memories.