Calling All Wine Lovers

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Calling All Wine Lovers

If wine tours and tastings are a passion of yours then WineTym is bound to make the perfect pairing. Their mission? Connecting wine lovers to BC wineries.

WineTym is every wine lovers dream come true. Their web-service was created specifically as a digital destination dedicated to providing wine lovers with a drones-eye sneak peek view of wineries, and the ability to filter search your preferences, select and plan winery adventures.

What is the Drones-eye view? Their film crew visits each winery to capture and create the unique essence of the winery experience you can expect. Their drones-eye view offers an up-close preview of their initial 60+ wineries. There is so much more to come, and they can't wait to share new wineries, sneak peeks, search options and promotions with you as they continue to grow.

Why WineTym? They help you to make your favourite pour decisions.

Up until now tastings have been done in just a couple of ways. People have traditionally headed out on the open road to go wherever the signs lead them... potentially missing some gems along the way or ending up somewhere that doesn’t have all of the varietals they're looking for. Others have searched online the old fashioned way (like a Winosaur) spending hours upon hours on Google and winery websites, hoping to find the information that they're looking for... What are the hours? Do they have all the wines that they'll love? Do they have a patio? Do they offer complimentary tastings? Is there a restaurant on site? Are they family-friendly? Views for days or no way?

Find wineries you didn’t know existed and create new experiences. WineTym has modernized the way wine lovers create their touring experience. They remove the guesswork by placing local wineries at your fingertips, anytym ~ anywhere. As a member, you can simply log into your personalized account to view a drones-eye sneak peek of wineries, choose from a multitude of amenities and varietals and pick which wineries to visit based solely on your personal preferences. As more wineries come aboard as official WineTym Partners you will instantly have access to additional winery profiles, further savings, discounts and freebies at your fingertips and more in-depth search options.

Want to bring the kiddos? No problem. They have an extensive list of family-friendly wineries for you to choose from when planning your tastings.

Travelling with Fido? Say no more. On their platform you can choose which wineries encourage visits with your beloved four-legged friend to wag along with you for a tasting.

Looking for a Winery that offers a bistro or restaurant? WineTym makes your search for wineries that offer something sweet or savory so simple.

Enjoy all of the WineTym Membership Benefits

Members have access to exclusive savings with Corporate & Retail Partners, plus freebies and discounts at Winery Partners. Save 100’s dollars per year just by having your $12 WineTym Membership! 

UNIGLOBE Travel is a proud corporate partner of Winetym. As our client, you will receive 25% off Winetym annual membership.

Please ask your UNIGLOBE Consultant for discount code before signing up.

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