Delta offers Free in-flight Mobile Messaging

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 Delta offers Free in-flight Mobile Messaging

Delta airlines will offer free mobile messaging during flights. They are the first major US airline to do so. The free messaging will be available on flights enabled with Gogo wifi, including all planes with two or more cabins.

Customers are able to send real-time messages to colleagues, friends, and family on the ground using iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. They will be able to access free messaging through Delta’s wifi portal. The service will allow passengers to use text messaging only, and will not support any files or photos.

This complimentary service will be especially helpful for business travelers, allowing them to be productive in-flight without any additional charges to their company. They can also immediately apprise co-workers of any delays or issues they encounter in transit, enabling any disruptions to the workday to be managed as smoothly as possible.

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