Speak Like The Locals While You Sip Portuguese Wines

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Speak Like The Locals While You Sip Portuguese Wines

Portugal is one of the most renowned producers of wine in the world, a reputation built on tradition - with unique wine such as the fortified wine of Port and Madeira, and exceptional table wines.

While you are tasting Portugal’s wines you may need to know a few keys words in Portuguese, here are 12 words to help to speak the local lingo.

  1. Adega (pronounced "ah DEH gah"): Cellar
  2. Branco: White
  3. Colheita (pronounced "col YAY tah"): Vintage year
  4. Espumante: Sparkling wine
  5. Garrafeira (pronounced "gar ah FAIR ah"): A reserve aged wine
  6. Maduro: Mature or aged wine (which is most typical, besides vinho verde)
  7. Quinta (pronounced "KEEN ta"): estate (actually translates to "farm")
  8. Reserva: Superior quality wine of a single vintage
  9. Seco: Dry
  10. Tinto: Red
  11. Verde: Green (not referring to the color but meaning "young")
  12. Vinho (pronounced "VEEN yo"): Wine

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