Step Back in Time at Wanuskewin Heritage Park

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Step Back in Time at Wanuskewin Heritage Park

Six thousand years ago, Wanuskewin echoed with the thundering hooves of bison and the voices of Indigenous peoples from across the Northern Plains; the land still echoes with these stories that Wanuskewin is proud to share with the people. The nomadic tribes who roamed the Northern Plains gathered on this site of natural beauty where today visitors can relive the stories of a people who came here to hunt bison, gather food and herbs and escape the winter winds. Walking in their footsteps, you will understand why this site was a place of worship and celebration, of renewal with the natural world and of a deep spirituality.

The story of Wanuskewin is just beginning to be uncovered. Some archaeological dig sites date back thousands of years making them older than the Egyptian pyramids; these sites provide clues to the daily existence of the early peoples. Tipi rings, stones cairns, pottery fragments, plant seeds, projectile points, egg shell fragments and animal bones all give evidence of active thriving societies. While some sites teach us about life thousands of years ago other sites like the ancient Medicine Wheel still remain shrouded in mystery.

Step back in time and marvel at the archeological sites, home to Canada's longest-running dig. Go on a medicine walk, sleep in a tipi, dine on bison stew, take in art and dance performances. Located only 5 minutes from Saskatoon, Wanuskewin Heritage Park offers a truly unique and rich cultural experience.

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