Top Food to Try in Hong Kong

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Top Food to Try in Hong Kong

Our run down of the top food to try in Hong Kong. Resistance is futile.

In a city of sizzling woks, tinkling wine glasses, cosy eateries, pungent cooking aromas, celebrated culinary festivals and trend-setting chefs, everywhere you turn there is the temptation to dig in and indulge. Resistance is futile.

  1. Dim Sum
    Dim Sum
    A delicious meal, an interesting food culture and a city’s favourite pastime all in one!
  2. Seafood

    Hong Kong sometimes likes it fancy, sometimes frugal, but always fresh!


  3. Chinese Barbeque
    Chinese Barbecue
    Tuck into some deliciously seasoned roast meats.
  4. Fusion
    Try the fused flavours of Asia’s world city.


  5. Fine Dining
    Fine Dining
    Treat yourself to some of the world’s finest dining experiences! (You’re on holiday after all).


  6. Late Night Eats
    Late Night Eats
    Get on the Hong Kong clock and taste some real local food culture.

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