Video: Chana Masala with Kirthi

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When traveling to South Asia, don’t forget to sample chana masala.

Chana masala is one of the Punjabi dishes that you ought to taste when visiting India or even Pakistan, where it is particularly called aloo chole. Made primarily of chickpeas, you’ll notice that this fare is a nice yet dry mixture of sour citrus and spicy taste. When eating it in India, don’t forget to partner it with chole bhature, a particular kind of fried bread common in the country.

Learn how to cook Chana Masala in this tutorial clip uploaded by Claire Thomas as she interviews her traveler friend, Kirthi Narashimhan. Here are some of here thoughts on the vid:

I sit down with the nicest guy in the world (I've had this verified; it's a fact) world traveler, and writer of Adventures in Decision Making, Kirthi Narasimhan to make his favorite "taste of home" Indian dish: Chana Masala. This basic chickpea stew is ridiculously simple to make and absolutely delicious. I gobbled it all up right after we wrapped. Enjoy!

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