Video: The Other Side of Syria

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The recent turmoil in the Syrian Arab Republic has undeniably caused quite a stir in the Arab World lately, so it cannot be denied how the tourism industry in this Western Asian country has started to slow down.


No one could also deny the fact that Syria has a lot of travel attractions to present, most especially in its capital city, Damascus. Places like the Al Omawi Mosque, Al Hosn Castle and the Al Aasi Water Wheels are definitely worth the travel to this excessively publicized country. 

Just like how Ruslan Fedotow saw the comeback of Syria’s tourism industry, it won’t be a surprise at all if more travelers start visiting this Arabian country again. Fedotow even shares,
Following the recent events that took place in Syria, people all over the world used to see this country like it presented by media. I have been twice there and can assure you Syria is a wonderful land with its age-old traditions and unique culture. 
So take a moment and begin including Syria in your travel plans this year!

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