Walk on the bottom of the Sea at the Bay of Fundy

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Walk on the bottom of the Sea at the Bay of Fundy

Do you want to walk on the bottom of the sea? Check out the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick. The Bay fills and empties 100 billion tons of water twice a day, with the highest tides in the world.

At the Bay of Fundy, one of Canada’s popular tourist attractions, you can experience walking and enjoying the bottom of the sea once it recedes. Explore what’s underneath all the water and admire at scenic views surrounding you. You will also get to see high tide rising up to 16 metres, the height of a 4-story building.

Bay of Fundy offers a lot of great stuff to do. One would be whale watching. Cruise on a boat and admire whales having a great splash at the sea, a day with your family here would surely be a memorable one. You can also have a hike at Gulliver’s Head, where you can breathe fully the ocean air at the summit. Stare at beautiful landscape and the majestic sea. Cycle around the area with a bike and work those legs while enjoying the breeze and scenic views around you.

It’s not everyday you get to walk the bottom of the sea, especially when you can have fun with a lot of service provided here at Bay of Fundy. Contact us now for a new and fun adventure!

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